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Managing risk in your law firm

Managing risk in a law firm is no easy task. Not when consideration of the risk needs to encompass every aspect of the business from the legal advice being given, to the supervision and training of the people giving the advice, to the origination of the work the people are doing! And then there's financial crime, data security, financial sustainability, client’s expectations... I could go on.

Risks cannot be removed, but they can be mitigated.

In a soft professional indemnity insurance market there may not appear to be any incentive to do anything other than the necessary, however in these circumstances, are you really being the best you can be?

Everything you do now, have done in recent years, how you manage the practice and who you employ, for example, will all affect your risk profile. And anything you can do to improve your risk profile can only be a good thing.

For those who are charged with managing risk in their legal practice, Tracy Thompson Associates, in partnership with Centre for Assessment are running a practical 3-hour workshop to help firms who require guidance in identifying risks, what to consider and how to mitigate those risks, so they can be the best practice they can be.

Limited places remain.

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